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Advanced Slider – jQuery XML slider Nulled Free Download

Advanced Slider - jQuery XML slider
Advanced Slider – jQuery XML slider 

Advanced Slider is one of the best (probably even the best!) jQuery sliders on the market, built to be used in a wide range of contexts.

Advanced Slider is fully responsive, mobile-ready, SEO -friendly, and offers you the option to use either HTML markup or XML . The plugin also provides an easy to use API which will allow you to further enhance the functionality of the slider and will make it possible to integrate it into your own application. Please take a look at the list of features below.

Responsive/Fluid layout – The slider is fully responsive as it allows you to specify its size in percentages.

Touch Screen support – The slider provides a ‘swipe’ transition effect that will allow you to navigate through the slides using touch gestures on mobile devices. You can set the Swipe effect to work either horizontally or vertically

Smart Video – The slider has built-in support for YouTube, Vimeo and HTML5 videos. The slider can automatically stop or pause a video when the user navigates away from the slide that contains the video, or start a video when a user reaches the slide. Also, the auto slideshow will stop or pause when a video starts playing.

Fullscreen – The slider can be displayed fullscreen in browsers that have support for HTML5 fullscreen.

XML /HTML support – The XML support provided by this plugin makes the slider very easy to setup and maintain but you can also use HTML markup.

Inline HTML content – You have the option to specify HTML content inside the slide itself. You can add any type of content, even Flash or YouTube/Vimeo videos

100+ possible transition effects – Instead of predefining only a few transitions, this plugin provides several properties, each property having from 5 up to 23 possible values. These properties can be combined to obtain hundreds of transitions

150+ customizable properties – There are over 150 properties that allow you to customize the look and feel of the slider

Over 15 slider skins – There are over 15 slider skins, 6 of them providing multiple color variations. Also the PSD layered files (or PNG in some cases) are offered, so you can modify the color and size of the elements

7 Scrollbar skins – Also there are 7 scrollbar skins, 6 of which have 2 versions: for light and for dark background. The layered PSD files are included, but you can change the size of the scrollbar, or of the thumb, from within the CSS .

Easy Integration – You can easily integrate the slider with other 3rd party scripts, like the lightbox scripts (prettyPhoto, colorbox, fancybox, etc.) which will allow you to open YouTube/Vimeo videos, flash content, higher resolution images etc.

Built-in Lightbox support – Advanced Slider integrates the popular prettyPhoto script to allow you to easily add lightbox content. You can chose between 6 lightbox themes and you can also specify the width and height of the YouTube/Vimeo videos or the flash content that you add to the lightbox.

Thumbnails – You can add thumbnail images either as tooltips when you roll over the navigation buttons or in a thumbnail scroller, which supports mouse scroll, wheel scroll, scrollbar, thumbnail captions and thumbnail tooltips.

Keyboard navigation -You can navigate through slides using the left and right arrow keys. You can also open a link or lightbox, that is attached to a slide, using the Enter key.

Show/Hide – You have the option to hide and show on hover the arrow buttons, the slideshow button, the timer animation, the captions and whole thumbnail scroller, or only some elements of the scroller, like the thumbnail scroller buttons, arrows or scrollbar.

Per slide settings – You can define a different transition effect for each slide, using either the plugin’s javascript API or XML attributes.

Fully customizable – You can easily change the position of the elements or even replace the default graphics (preloaders, arrows etc.) with your own.

Multiple sliders on the same page

Captions – Add captions with simple text or HTML text. You can also define a custom size and position for each caption

Links – You have the option to add a link to each slide

Auto slideshow – You can set the slider to auto slideshow mode and you also have the option to pause the slideshow mode on mouse hover

Shuffled images

Public methods – allow you to control the slider using outside input (e.g. gotoSlide(3), nextSlide(), previousSlide(), getSlideAt(2) etc.)

Callback functions – The plugin provides a few callback (transitionStart, transitionComplete, slideOpen, slideClick etc.) functions so you can detect, for example, when a transition starts or is complete.

If you have any questions or need assistance integrating the slider, please feel free to ask; I will gladly help you. Also, if you like this script, please take a moment to rate it 🙂 A lot of work was put into this slider and it really works as advertised. The majority of buyers rate it 5 stars but if you plan to rate it lower than 5 stars I would really appreciate if you contact me first with your suggestions/complaints; maybe I can resolve those issues 🙂 Thank you!



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