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Share it 2.0 Nulled Nulled Free Download

Share it 2.0 Nulled

ShareIt 2.0 is a file sharing application that allows you to manage your files online and share them with people. It has a beautiful and intuitive interface built with the latest development tools to make it as easy to use for you.
ShareIt 2.0 can be installed on top a ShareIt! 1.0 install following the simple upgrade instructions

App Quick Look:
Easy to install and update
Updates notifier
User manager
Beautiful interface
Secure file storage
Ajax based
One page application
MVC architecture
Email notifications
Excellent documentation
Mobile Version (Only upload views)
Uploads Features
Social File Sharing(Google+, Facebook, Twitter and Email)
File re-upload
FTP upload capability
Multiple file upload
Image files preview
Password Protect Uploads
Upload expiration (By days or downloads)
Upload categories (Audio, Image, Document, Video, Other)
Short URLS generation (using goo.gl)
Direct upload access (for supported file types)
Inline image download page
User Features
Password reset
Avatar image
Email & password change
Used space indicator
Max space indicator

PHP >= 5.3.0
PHP mcrypt
Apache mod_rewrite module
PHP GD Library for thumbnails
PHP Fileinfo extension

Download links

Mega : https://mega.co.nz/#!rBEQhLgD!KsD7lEbD3tzEHncimYFGBG3kgRhW-uts2nZAiMfTBjU
Softbox : http://data-softbox.wink.ws/sd/7FwLLok846AXbMy
Tus files : http://www.tusfiles.net/rkh5g1csbgei
Dump files : http://www.dumpfiles.org/6f96z88orn4r/ShareIt_(1).rar.html

Demo share it 2.0 : http://data-softbox.wink.ws/sd/
Enjoy it :3

Please make a mirror

password : zerodollarthemes 


Download links

Mega : https://mega.co.nz/#!rBEQhLgD!KsD7lEbD3tzEHncimYFGBG3kgRhW-uts2nZAiMfTBjU
Softbox : http://data-softbox.wink.ws/sd/7FwLLok846AXbMy
Tus files : http://www.tusfiles.net/rkh5g1csbgei
Dump files : http://www.dumpfiles.org/6f96z88orn4r/ShareIt_(1).rar.html

Demo share it 2.0 : http://data-softbox.wink.ws/sd/
Enjoy it :3

Please make a mirror

password : zerodollarthemes

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